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With the oil rig jobs being so scarce, especially entry level positions, I promised that I would start looking for positions that you can apply for throughout the world. One of the companies that employs large numbers of staff is Saudi Aramco. There are some quite lucrative oil rig vacancies on their website.

If you are interested in working in Saudi Arabia then this is the company to start with. They are a major force in the petroleum industry and have a number of oil industry positions available at present.

The first one that I came across was this one:

Oil Drilling Supervisor


Education: High School or BS Petroleum Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Electrical Engineering. Current certificate in BOP and Well Control.

Experience: Skill and expertise in oil and gas in deviated drilling including short radius horizontal wells. Should preferably have offshore jack up drilling experience and should have in-depth knowledge of top drive units, MWD technology, DST equipment, well testing and stimulation, drilling exploratory wells, open and cased hole completions, basic fishing operations, running long string of casing, cementing with multistage tools, running and cementing big size casing, and oil based moods (mud). Must have proven job knowledge to handle operational responsibilities on critical, high temperature/high pressure wells as deep as 17,000 feet with heavy mud weights as high as 165 PCF in high H2S concentrations of 20%. Must have basic computer skills.

DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES: Will serve as the primary liaison between Saudi Aramco and Contractor and will provide supervision of all operations performed on Saudi Aramco Wells. Provide training and evaluation of Saudi Aramco Saudi Arab Liaisonmen/Toolpusher trainees. Make recommendations on alternative methods of equipment when unusual situations are encountered and will coordinate timely deliveries of Saudi Aramco and Service Company materials and equipment to the well as required. Ensure that the contractor meets all requirements of the contract and will verify and approve all the contractor and service company operations by way of tour reports and field tickets. Will ensure that the contractor maintains the rig and equipment adequately to maximize efficiency and minimize down time, and that Saudi Aramco materials and equipment are properly utilized, handled and stored. Will ensure that all Saudi Aramco Safety rules and Regulations are followed and will work with drilling and work over engineers to see that modern practices are followed. Work closely with Drilling and Work over Services Department personnel as required to accomplish objectives and perform other miscellaneous duties as directed by the drilling superintendent. Ensures that Saudi Aramco Blowout Prevention Standards are met in all respects including equipment configuration, testing , certification and crew response. Assures that rig and personnel comply with Saudi Aramco established safety standards and procedures. Promotes environmental protection and ensures that company environmental protection policies are implemented. Provides timely advice to Liaisonman DWO on well control issues and ensures accepted industry practices and Saudi Aramco established safety standards and procedures are implemented. Promotes cost saving ideas and awareness with the view toward operational optimization consistent with safety meeting well objectives. Conducts quarterly safety inspections and rig evaluations. Have the flexibility to move between rigs as drilling operations and rig coverage dictates.

Now this is not an entry level oil rig job, so don’t apply if you don’t have the minimum skills requirements. I will be looking for more junior positions for guys wanting to get into the offshore oil drilling jobs. But be warned, there are not that many positions available right now as the industry is going through hard times just like all the others.

Bare in mind though, that every economy goes through cycles and the world is not going to be giving up on using oil any time soon. So just keep looking and I will try to find some other suitable positions to apply for.

To check out more oil rig vacancies at Saudi Aramco, check out the available jobs on their oil jobs page, here.

Remember that it’s vitally important that you motivate your job application properly. Each job that you apply for should have a covering letter that you write specifically with that job and company in mind.

Make sure that you cover the most important aspects of the job and show from your experience that you will be an asset to the company. Also present yourself as a problem solver. This is very important as every vacancy is there because the company wants a problem solved. If you can show how you will be the solution then you stand a better chance of getting an interview.

So check out all the positions available at Saudi Aramco. There are a lot of positions available if you scroll down the list on the left hand side of the page.

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