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Oil Rig Jobs - Perfect If You're Looking For a Bit Of Adventure, Oil Rig Jobs Could Be The Answer

If you are looking for oil rig jobs that are never boring, provide plenty of upward mobility and pay well, then oil rig job vacancies are the perfect place to start.

Oil and gas industry jobs, especially those offshore oil rig jobs, provide a unique opportunity for people with the right skills. Many different positions are available in the petroleum industry, so if you have a degree in chemistry, the earth sciences, engineering or management, then chances are that you will find a high paying position such as an entry level oil rig job.

However, not all oil rig job vacancies require a degree or college education. If you are fit and in great physical condition, you could start as a roustabout or roughneck oil rig job and work your way up the ladder. Roughnecks are hired for both onshore and offshore oil rig jobs. The oil and gas industry is constantly adapting to the needs of industry and you will find that the career opportunities that result will be very beneficial to your career and your financial position.

Some of the highest paid positions in the petroleum industry occur on offshore oil platforms. Offshore oil jobs are rough dirty jobs, but you could be paid in the region of $30 000 a year at the entry level. There are also various onshore oil rig jobs available if you are not the type of person who wishes to go to sea.

The position of Driller is a well paid and important part of the oil rig operation. The driller supervises the roughnecks and roustabouts. He or she is responsible for the smooth operation of the crew. By monitoring the various gauges on the drilling console, the driller can make the necessary changes to ensure that the drilling and rig production is both efficient and safe. There are plenty of north sea oil rig jobs in this category.

There are plenty of benefits to working roustabout oil rig jobs and you will receive free medical insurance, accommodation, food and entertainment not to mention the tax benefits of working overseas. You also receive free or subsidised air tickets and very generous leave which can be up to 6 months a year.

So if you are adventurous and are looking for a lucrative career in the oil and gas industry - jobs are available right now. Check out the resources on this page and you could see yourself well on your way to a high paying oil and gas job in the very near future.

Be sure to check out the gulf oil rig jobs as well as oil rig job openings else where.


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Oil Rig Jobs

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